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We have often enjoyed the privilege of helping happy couples celebrate their wedding days.

Often, folks will approach with a story of how they shared an afternoon on the street with us, or an evening at a bar. Other times folks are just seeking our particular weird sounds for their celebration.

Whatever the reason, please reach out to us if you have a musical need for a wedding. We’re more than happy to bring one of the various versions of our band out to help you and your people enjoy that special day.

Whether you want a trio, a 12 piece, or a combo in between, we can supply the band that suits your needs. Or your parent’s needs, Or even your grandparent’s needs (we can wait for the elders to fall asleep before turning up the party, but if they’re down to rock out that’s cool too).

And of course, we celebrate all walks of life. Love is Love.

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Second Line

For hundreds of years, second lines have been apart of the identity of New Orleans.

Our band has only existed for four of those years.

If you are looking to hire a traditional and authentic New Orleans Second Line Band, we are not who you should hire. Hit up the Kinfolk Brass band for that - they’re amazing.

We do love to play for a parade, and we put on a great show. But it’s our show.

We can never replicate what authentic New Orleans brass bands do. So instead, we aim to create our own unique identity as a brass band comprised of locals, transplants, and itinerants.

So by all means, hire us for your parade! But if you do, please do it because you like our band, and not because you’re looking for an authentic new Orleans Brass Band. that’s just not us.


The Whole Package


In addition to Weddings and Second Lines, we partner with local photographer Mike Parks of Revolving Glass to provide wedding and special event packages. If you’d be interested in one-stop shopping for your entertainment and media needs, feel free to ask about our package rates!

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