We are outspoken and genuine in our support for many causes and movements, including and not limited to local/city politics, racial justice, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, environmental rights, & wealth inequality,

We have proudly volunteered our time and platform in support of the #NODAPL movement, Doctors Without Borders, The New Orleans Hospitality Workers Coalition, the 2016 bernie Sanders presidential campaign, the Krewe of Mermoux, and the Unanimous Jury Coalition, among others.

If your cause is in need of a band, contact us. We are happy to donate our time towards causes which align with our values, and are willing to perform at actions as well as canvas your materials during our street performances.

Buskers and street performers have long been vocal advocates of social justice and progressive values, and we aim to uphold this legacy of activism.

As a street band, we spend a lot of our time occupying public spaces. Our guiding principles are to use these spaces positively and helpfully, to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others, and to better the community that exists around us.


To contact us about getting involved with your cause, email